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8.14.2014: For all those looking for .357 T-Shirts, we just put up a new Spreadshirt store so you can go over there and get some new .357 threads. Visit and order them goods. That's a 3rd party site, so don't contact us for those orders. We also have other music and T'shirts available directly for us also. Thanks for all the continued support out there!

Welcome to the new .357 String Band Website. has been non-functioning for a couple months. We apologize for that, but is up and running. Folks have been asking about certain merch items, mostly the 'Fire and Hail" limited edition vinyl, and YES! we do have some left. All the info you need to get one is on the Merch Page. It's via Paypal only. Thanks for your patience on getting that in order. In the meantime, check out what all the members are currently doing on the 'Links" page. Most of us are out on tour often so keep checking back. Cheers!
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